We design our shoes as we like to wear them. We rather follow our inspirations with the seasons. We seek to share our passion with people who value our shoes and values.

Mascaret : smart utilities sneakers

In its early days, Mascaret shoes look like sneakers inspired by the sixties. The first collection was introduced in Paris in September 2007 at the 1 ° CLASSE show in Paris.

A rare natural phenomenon, the ” Mascaret ” is a wave breaking several kilometers against the current. In Gironde, it goes up the Garonne from time to time during the big equinox tides, this wave well known to surfers from the South-west of France is a cult.

In 2012, it’s a change course. Mascaret shoes become sneakers! The idea of creating a shoe collection that can meet the needs of everyday life has come to fruition. Designed in France and manufactured in Portugal, the components are carefully selected and the production mastered: exclusive shapes, cotton liners and thermoformed soles with a layer of leather. The colors, the “vintage” aspect of our leather and canvas materials are essential elements in our choices. We aspire to create original sneakers that combine style, quality and comfort.

Above all, Mascaret is a state of mind through which we express our passion and our values!